Two ordinary graduates accidentally adopt a magical shapeshifting battle monster.

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Chapter 28 Q&A
Chapter 28 Q&A

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But I'm A Cat Person

Two ordinary graduates adopt a puppy…which turns out to be a magical shapeshifting battle monster. Now one of them is involved in a soul-binding ownership contract, rich and powerful people are lurking around looking to challenge them, and they still can’t find any companies that are hiring. None of this would have happened if they’d gone for a kitten instead.


BICP Volume 1 available for purchase!

But I’m A Cat Person: Volume 1 is now on sale!

Remastered pages! Bonus art! Pretty borders! Full color!

Collecting chapters 1-4, in a 128-page tome that can be yours for only US$19.99.

(Actual cat not included.)

Only available on Lulu, because that gives you the highest quality for the best price. (Seriously, I did a test-print on Amazon, and it was…worse.) Buy one for yourself, buy one as a gift, leave a review, tell your friends!

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But I'm A Cat Person SJ debut

The full archives of But I'm A Cat Person are being crossposted to the SmackJeeves community, with a new page added every day. Favorite or subscribe to get caught up!

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